Thursday, 4 August 2011

The curse of cyberstalking

I mean it. Cyberstalking can be like a curse. You can't sleep properly, you're afraid to leave your own house. You're even afraid to check your email. Some cyberstalking cases are so so drastic, I can't believe people are doing it to each other. Careers have been ruined due to cyber harassment, families broken. It's just terrible.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Love spell of the trees

On a small leaf, draw his own, and the second image of the person you want to meet. Using green yarn sew the two leaves with pictures of each other, so as to touch each other face to face, "and firmly tie the ends of the thread.

Go to the tree that produces vibrations of love and find a natural nest hole after securitization or (do not try to do it yourself). If you can not find any, good will be forking branches or where it comes from the trunk, provided that it is safe.

Slide the hollow leaves sewn together and say the following words:

The tree of earth, air, fire and water,

Give me love and I'm thirsty.

Bury a few cents at the foot of the tree and ready.

Woods, with whom you practiced magic ties are something we should keep as a treasure. Visit them often, even if you do not have any spells that day to celebrate. When you get to the point where you find a tree for his friends, you will have strong ties among themselves, the Earth or even something that is above all.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Clairvoyance with the power of a tree

Lay down under the leafy tree and relax. Gaze at the ever-changing canopy over his head. Take a random designs, created by gentle breezes, moving leaves, floating and rotating them. This should bring you to a dreamy state in which you open up mentally and get a message or respond to any questions asked by you.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The healing power of trees

Tie a red thread around the neck of the patient before he or she will embark on a night's rest. Morning, immediately untie and tie it around a branch or tree trunk, and thus pass the disease on them. Tree sends it to the ground. Do not forget to leave a token gift at his feet.


Find a strong, healthy tree with a particularly high vibration and flexible, thin branches. When you're sick, you go out there and tie a loose knot on one of the branches. This operation can not hurt the plants, so tie him gently, but firmly enough that the string is not slipped, and the node is not odkształcił.

Ask the tree to help in your recovery. "Transfer" illness or wound to the node for a few minutes visualizing yourself all the details.

Then solve the knot gently to avoid damaging the tree. This will free the disease, which penetrate into the ground. Dig a gift at the feet of the plant.

To heal the pain in his back

Walk around the tree nine times in a clockwise or counterclockwise, asking them to release you from the pain, saying more or less the spell:

A big, strong tree,
consume my pain and give me health.

Lean against a strong, sturdy trunk of the tree, press back to the rough bark. Feel like a tree draws from you the pain that goes into it with your back.

After a few minutes, get up and thank the tree for your help, burying something valuable at his feet.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Magic of the trees

Forest untouched by human hand, full of trees of all ages, all types and sizes is more than just a mysterious and magical place - it is one of the natural reservoirs of energy. Forested areas were in ancient times and modern watchtowers and conservation of universal forces, which manifest themselves on earth in the form of plants. Forest itself is a great place to practice all sorts of magic, not only related to trees. Any tree in the world suitable for celebrating the magic. Because each kind has different characteristics and specific power, after introducing the technology warns of action and uses.

Remember that the magic of trees need not be limited only to those species, since each has its own strengths, which differ in various respects. You have to experiment! All trees, except for those poisonous (such as yew and hemlock), ideally suited for use in healing magic. Virtually each of them can be used to remove the headaches, adding the energy or to have a look into the future. We only restrict our inhibitions and behavior. It is very important to talk to the tree (trees), with which we practice magic. Tell them exactly to your need. Explain how it took and why it is so important. Trees are living entities with their own consciousness, which, though different from ours, is able to communicate at subtle levels of consciousness.

Although the old spells may require you to pocket the nails in the tree, please do not do that. It is not only destructive and harmful in relation to the behavior, but also completely unnecessary since you can always use other ways. Some of these spells in this article require the symbols on the leaves. Perfect for this purpose is charred at one end of the stick, because the charcoal will be written down just like the graphite pencil. Practice its use until it starts to leave you well.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Precognition of Zola and Maeterlinck

Emile Zola has always believed that he will die as a result of gas poisoning. What is tragic, but also interesting, that is what was the cause of his death. Another well-known writer, Maurice Maeterlinck, who believed that some people manages a kind of foreboding for the future. Similar stories przytrafiały But not only celebrities. Different types of precognition and premonitions can occur according to the scholars universally to all people, even those who do not have in his opinion, any unusual talents. However, it seems that this is nevertheless an extremely subtle and elusive, requiring the researchers a lot of patience. Let us hope that someday they will be able to explore the riddle of whether the human brain can actually look into the future.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

William T. Steadt

William T. Steadt - spiritist and journalist was accompanied by a lifelong belief that he would not die in the normal way. Although he believed that it will be trampled by the crowd, was killed in 1912 during the Titanic disaster. But what is most interesting, in 1892 wrote a history Steadt ship named "Majestic", the crew set sail on a rescue effort for the crew of the ship, which collided with an iceberg, which gave rise to a clear association with the famous disaster. Proponents of the theory that predicted the sinking of the Titanic mention yet another article from 1886.