Friday, 15 April 2011

Love spell of the trees

On a small leaf, draw his own, and the second image of the person you want to meet. Using green yarn sew the two leaves with pictures of each other, so as to touch each other face to face, "and firmly tie the ends of the thread.

Go to the tree that produces vibrations of love and find a natural nest hole after securitization or (do not try to do it yourself). If you can not find any, good will be forking branches or where it comes from the trunk, provided that it is safe.

Slide the hollow leaves sewn together and say the following words:

The tree of earth, air, fire and water,

Give me love and I'm thirsty.

Bury a few cents at the foot of the tree and ready.

Woods, with whom you practiced magic ties are something we should keep as a treasure. Visit them often, even if you do not have any spells that day to celebrate. When you get to the point where you find a tree for his friends, you will have strong ties among themselves, the Earth or even something that is above all.