Thursday, 31 March 2011

Magic of the trees

Forest untouched by human hand, full of trees of all ages, all types and sizes is more than just a mysterious and magical place - it is one of the natural reservoirs of energy. Forested areas were in ancient times and modern watchtowers and conservation of universal forces, which manifest themselves on earth in the form of plants. Forest itself is a great place to practice all sorts of magic, not only related to trees. Any tree in the world suitable for celebrating the magic. Because each kind has different characteristics and specific power, after introducing the technology warns of action and uses.

Remember that the magic of trees need not be limited only to those species, since each has its own strengths, which differ in various respects. You have to experiment! All trees, except for those poisonous (such as yew and hemlock), ideally suited for use in healing magic. Virtually each of them can be used to remove the headaches, adding the energy or to have a look into the future. We only restrict our inhibitions and behavior. It is very important to talk to the tree (trees), with which we practice magic. Tell them exactly to your need. Explain how it took and why it is so important. Trees are living entities with their own consciousness, which, though different from ours, is able to communicate at subtle levels of consciousness.

Although the old spells may require you to pocket the nails in the tree, please do not do that. It is not only destructive and harmful in relation to the behavior, but also completely unnecessary since you can always use other ways. Some of these spells in this article require the symbols on the leaves. Perfect for this purpose is charred at one end of the stick, because the charcoal will be written down just like the graphite pencil. Practice its use until it starts to leave you well.