Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The healing power of trees

Tie a red thread around the neck of the patient before he or she will embark on a night's rest. Morning, immediately untie and tie it around a branch or tree trunk, and thus pass the disease on them. Tree sends it to the ground. Do not forget to leave a token gift at his feet.


Find a strong, healthy tree with a particularly high vibration and flexible, thin branches. When you're sick, you go out there and tie a loose knot on one of the branches. This operation can not hurt the plants, so tie him gently, but firmly enough that the string is not slipped, and the node is not odkształcił.

Ask the tree to help in your recovery. "Transfer" illness or wound to the node for a few minutes visualizing yourself all the details.

Then solve the knot gently to avoid damaging the tree. This will free the disease, which penetrate into the ground. Dig a gift at the feet of the plant.

To heal the pain in his back

Walk around the tree nine times in a clockwise or counterclockwise, asking them to release you from the pain, saying more or less the spell:

A big, strong tree,
consume my pain and give me health.

Lean against a strong, sturdy trunk of the tree, press back to the rough bark. Feel like a tree draws from you the pain that goes into it with your back.

After a few minutes, get up and thank the tree for your help, burying something valuable at his feet.