Thursday, 17 February 2011


Psychokinesis or telekinesis is a term used in parapsychology to the description of the alleged traffic in the distance caused by psychic powers. In a broader sense means the property of PSI, which allows you to influence the behavior of matter. Since 2004 esotericists define that term, different types of PK, and moving the solid, liquid or gaseous at a distance by means of thought and concentration, with direct eye contact with the object. This is called. Astral thinking or imagining something via "PSI Factor" has done this action in real time.
The name refers to both people's ability to perform the PK, as well as moving objects during the spiritualist phenomena, such as a poltergeist. Psychokinesis appears in works of science fiction.

Currently carrying out experiments and tests of both Psychokinesis cases, with particular attention and interest of microscopic phenomena. Like other psychic phenomena, and psychokinesis psychokinetic research and experiments are not, generally speaking, recognized by mainstream science. According to the representatives of the latter there is not a reliable proof of their existence, apart from incidental testimony of witnesses, making the phenomenon the subject of controversy - even in academic circles, because it has its followers in them [citation needed]. According to various sources of scientific and non-scientific experiments on the phenomena psychokinetycznymi were extensive in Russia (especially during the Cold War), in the study of civil and military. There are also speculations about the implementation of research into psychokinesis anduse of results by institutions and organizations in the United States ,ostensibly for the purpose of intelligence and military